For June, 2004, I'm featuring a Kansas writer who is a relatively new friend, as a fellow member of District 1 of the Kansas Authors Club, but a man who has lived an interesting life--and has just published a distinctly Kansan historical novel.

Picture of Dale E. Vaughn
Portrait by The Picture People
Dale E. Vaughn

Dale E. Vaughn, retired businessman and father of three, was once a map maker for the Kansas Inspection Bureau, an Air Force drill instructor, a boxer, race car driver, pastor of a small church, salesman, office manager, company president, warehouse man, confidential document shredder, made his first parchute jump at the age of 68, and now turned writer.

Cover of the Chance

The Chance, an historical novel about the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry, documents how it was Kansas that actually produced the very first black troops to fight in uniform in the American Civil War.  It alludes to the fact that the war most likely began in Bloody Kansas in 1855 rather than Fort Sumter in 1861.
Through extraordinary details all researched in the actual locations and precise times of year the real events took place, The Chance follows the flight from Virginia to freedom in Kansas of Elias Mothers, a young black boy who decides it is his duty to help pay for that freedom by joining Gen. James Lane's black regiment in 1862--the first black troops to fight in uniform in the American Civil War.  Elias and a few fictional friends, along with many actual characters, bring to life the military activities of the 1st Kansas Colored from 1862 to 1865.
For information about the availability of this book, and others by Dale E. Vaughn, get in touch with the author at:
Dale E. Vaughn
3907 SE 30th Terrace        or
Topeka, KS  66605-2107