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Fort Scott

Featured Writers :
Kenneth Irby
Meridel LeSueur Gordon Parks
Eugene Fitch Ware
Fort Scott

Fort Scott, a city of around 8,00, was founded in 1855 at the site of the army fort first garrisoned in 1842. The city was important during the Territorial struggles known as "Bleeding Kansas," and housed Union soldiers during the Civil War. After the war, Fort Scott was a bustling rail hub, competing with Kansas City for growth. In the 20th century, the town became an agricultural, insurance and small industrial village. The old fort is now restored and is an historic site of great interest. Fort Scott Community College is home of the Gordon Parks Center For Culture and Diversity.

Kansas writers from Fort Scott, besides Gordon Parks, include Meridel LeSueur, Eugene Fitch Ware, who wrote under the pen name Ironquill and Ken Irby, who teaches poetry writing at the University of Kansas.