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Grant Williams

Grant Williams

Ten Degrees, by Grant Williams

Summer of '59 cover

Poems, A Conneticut Yankee in Kansas

Rooftops to Rice Paddies


Boys from Hog Heaven

Pigs and Packinghouses

Big Willie

Hog Heaven and Home
























Grant Williams was a self-published novelist and poet from Arkansas City, Kansas. Just before he ended a career as the Vice-President of a Kansas company in Great Bend, his writing career took off. After getting a few poems published in The Topeka Capital Journal, Cappers Magazine, and The Senior Times, he decided it was time to join the Kansas Authors Club. He became the Vice-President in 2009 and 2010. “I learned that our writing can be used in many ways there,” he said. Grant also wrote several articles for the Arkansas City Traveler newspaper, and The Voice of a Diabetic, where he had the lead story in the winter of 2006.

Every month, Grant enjoyed reading to the residents of the senior care centers in his local community, some of whom are over one-hundred years old. He assisted three individuals; two of them in their eighties and needing a little push, to put together books of their own. In addition to keeping busy with retired citizens, he also spent time working with young people. For example, he held a writing seminar in Chanute, Kansas, for 8th and 9th graders in order to show the importance of sharing writing. He read to the kindergarten class at a local school, and wrote books of poetry for them. While trying to keep up with all these activities, he also managed to be a member of the community advisory board for the Humanities Department for Cowley College, and he chaired the retired citizens committee at the Senior Center in his local community. He was also the Historian for the American Legion.

His books can be found on Amazon, and more of his work can be found at the Arkansas City Library, and the Cowley College Library in Arkansas City, Kansas. His time as a member of the Kansas Authors Club opened his eyes to many wonderful Kansas people. “I am inspired by the residents in the care centers where I read each month,” he said. “The landscape and the history (of Kansas) inspire me.”

Grant Williams died on January 3, 2013, at the age of 69. His death was sudden, and occured just weeks after the death of his second wife, Bernice Ann Muhl Williams.

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Writing Samples  

"Big Breasted Women"

The big breasted women looking at pictures

Of models dressed in size two

They cannot find anything to buy

In the seasonal fashion catalogue

Petite women thinking augmentation

Wondering if they really need to wear a bra

Trying to enhance what is in front and behind

Hoping they will look good enough

Blondes wanting to be known for their intellect

Hoping there will be no jokes today

Looking at the different hair colors

On the local Drug Store orderly shelves

Wondering if those boxes would make a difference

Brunettes and those with coal black hair

Wondering what if would be like if they were blond

Would changing the color of their hair get them a man

Would they still have a good personality

To be different may not bring the happiness you think

You just may have to buy a bigger bra,

Comb your hair, and maybe for once

Just smile and be happy for what you are


"Sitting in the Passanger Seat"

Today I sit in the passenger seat waiting for someone else to drive

My road has always been driven by me and I am anxious

I will sit quietly as I wait for someone else to take command

It is not easy for me because I have been so independent

The seatbelt buckles on the wrong side of my body

I will have to open the door with my right hand

These simple tasks are unusual and seem so uncomfortable

The radio is not set on the stations I once tuned in so faithfully

Even seeing the sidewalk outside of my window does not seem right

I will not complain for it is time I let someone else take the wheel

It is time for my children to take me to a ball game

I will try to not feel insecure as someone else drives for me

I still feel my mind is sharp and I could drive if necessary

Why bother for this is the time I should be happy I am still alive

It is time for me to sit in the passenger’s seat


"I Truly Believe"

I truly believe the youth of today are good
Sometimes controversial and misunderstood

I truly believe when the chips are down
They will like those before come around

With youth we will not always agree
Because it is not for them but all about me

I truly believe in time they will learn to lead
To make and follow rules that has been decreed

We were young where we had dreams
It really wasn’t as long ago as it seems

If we do not put them under a microscope
They will grow and we will have no hope

I truly believe for our lives to enhance
We must let them fly and give them a chance

This is not a new idea I wish to conceive
I just want you to truly believe

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Grant Williams, District 3, Arkansas City, died on January 3, 2013. He was a member of KAC since December 13, 2003, and held many district and state offices: KAC State Vice President, 2007-2009; State Newsletter editor, 2008-2009; Poetry Contest Manager, 2007. District 3 Treasurer, 2011-2012.

In 2004 he was honored with an "Award of Merit" for achievements in writing both fiction and non-fiction. Among his prolific writings were the following books: Another Day (2011); Another Piece of My Mind (2003); Big Willie (2007); The Boys From Hog Heaven (2006); From My Hand to Your Heart(2006); From My Pencil Box: Children's Moral Poetry (2005); Hog Heaven and Home (2008); Marbles (2010); My Favorite Poems (2005); Pigs and Packinghouses: a Collection of Short Stories and Poems(2008); Playing in the Sandbox: Child's Verses—Children's Moral Poetry(2004); Poems by "a Connecticut Yankee" in Kansas (2009); Summer of '59 (2009); Ten Degrees (2012); Under the Shade Tree: Children's Moral Poetry (2004).

Two links to more information online about Grant and his outreach work can be found on the KAC Writers in the Community page and on the Map of Kansas Literature. His obituary and guestbook are also available online. A nice article, "Local author, poet remembered by many," by Foss Farrer, was published on A memorial service was Jan. 9, 2013, and Ursula Turner, District 3 president, Coffeyville, spoke in behalf of the club in Grant's honor. She shares a photo from his service (left). A memorial has been established with the American Legion Post #18 in Arkansas City. Contributions may be made through the funeral home.

---From: The Kansas Authors Club

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