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Gloria Zachgo


Never Waste Tears, Book Cover

The Rocking Horse, Book Cover

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            It’s a natural for Gloria Zachgo to write stories with Kansas settings. She grew up on a farm in Lincoln County, where she attended one of the last one-room schoolhouses in the country. After graduating from Brown Mackie Business School she married her high school sweetheart.

            Living out of state for several years, Gloria and her husband moved back to their Kansas roots.  While their children were young, she ran a small business out of their home.  It was when her children left the nest, that she pursued a lifelong dream and took various art lessons.
            Always wanting to learn new things she joined a creative writing group in 2006, and soon found she had a passion for writing fictional short stories.  One particular short story was written on the prompts of a gingerbread man and a small toy horse. It led to her first novel, The Rocking Horse.  “I knew there was more to the story. I kept seeing the image of a young woman, all alone, with a quirky little toy trying to give her a message.”

            “I love writing about ordinary everyday people and their struggles with what life deals them.”

            Gloria certainly did write about the struggles of ordinary people in her second novel, Never Waste Tears.  She lets five individuals each tell their own story of what Kansas looked like in the 1860s, when the land was free, but the true price was often high.

Gloria Zachgo and her husband currently reside in Wichita, Kansas.

---Biography written by author

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The Rocking Horse
        -Chapter 24

            Katherine paled when Julie asked her about her birth. She looked down at her hands as she managed to whisper, “Why do you want to know that now?”
            “Please tell me about my birth,” Julie went on, “and the first couple of years of my childhood. I realized that I don’t have any pictures of me when I was a baby. I need to know.” Julie had managed to keep her voice firm even though her insides were twirling.
            The silence in the room was deafening. Katherine looked ill. But Julie had to know if there was a possibility that she could have had a different mother.  Julie waited patiently as Katherine finally lowered her head and began crying softly. And then Julie knew that her very existence as she had known it was a lie.

Never Waste Tears
        (taken from the back book cover)

            Never Waste Tears is the story of five individuals—told in their own voice. They are the courageous people who paved the way for generations to come. Each had their own reason to leave their families and everything they knew. The land was free—the true price—often high.
            Five journeyed into the unknown, where opportunities and tragedies were in equal abundance.  Those who were strong didn’t’ waste their tears, but used them wisely to help wash away their grief.

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Honors and Awards

  • Alone in the Storm, 1st Place in Speed writing contest–Cloud County Community College, 2008
  • Nathan’s Dream, Honorable Mention in themed prose–KAC Convention contest, 2011
  • The Rocking Horse, Writer’s Digest 20th  Annual Self-published Book Awards, 2012 
  • Webster’s Dream, Honorable Mention in stories for children contest–KAC Convention, 2014
  • Never Waste Tears, Awarded the indieB.R.A.G.Medallion, 2015
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