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Gutenberg Project E Texts
Carnegie Mellon Books On Line
First Published Alger Essay "Chivalry
Serialized Version of Ragged Dick published in Student and Schoolmate
"The Good Boy" Mark Twain parody of Alger
"The Bad Boy" Mark Twain parody of Alger
Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby" is also an Alger parody. As is Nathaniel West's A Cool Million and Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

The following E-texts are available at the University of Virginia:

Ragged Dick: or Street Life in New York
The Cash Boy
Joe the Hotel Boy, Or Winning Out by Pluck
Paul Prescott's Charge: A Story for Boys
The Errand Boy: or, How Phil Brent Won Success
A Fancy of Hers
Driven from Home
Bound to Rise
Paul the Peddler: or the Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant

The Virginia E-texts include the illustrations and the original pagination. They have been scanned for spelling errors. Some of the poetry of Horatio Alger, Jr. is now available at the Virginia web site.

University of Virginia E-texts
University of Michigan- Making of America Site
John Maynard Poem - text and history

Alger letters, Short Stories, and poems at Northern Illionois University

Facing the World Cover



Strive and Succeed Philosophy and Ethics

The Horatio Alger Association
Social Ethics Syllabus
Made in America -self made men in a multicultural perspective
Center for Working Class Studies

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Strive and Succeed Cover


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