Economics 200
Principles of Microeconomics

Welcome to EC200 Principles of Microeconomics!

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of decisions made by consumers and firms that make up the economy. We will also discuss various market structures, allocation of resources, and efficiency issues.

Class meets:
Section B - MWF 9am-9:50am in HC307
Section C - MW 1pm-2:15pm in HC208

For the date of the final, consult the university website.

Important updates
(as of October 28)

Are you prepared for the second test?
The EC200B (9am MWF) section will take the test on Mon, Nov 2nd.

The EC200C (1pm MW) section will take the test on Wed, Nov 4th.

No new homework is currently due. Check for any
HW you may have missed - the deadline for submitting it is the day of the test!