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Finally!!! The well deserved 2001 Nobel prize in Economics has been awarded to three professors whose work underscored the importance of informational issues in economic models.

More good news!!! The 2002 Nobel prize in Economics went to, among others, Professor Vernon Smith, who pioneered the field known as Experimental Economics. He has been also named the 2002 Kansan of the Year (he spent his childhood in Wichita, KS).

Still more news came in 2005 when the prize went to Robert Aumann and Thomas Schelling "for having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis". Yes, folks, game theory, and we do some of it in our classes!

Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and the Bachelor degrees in Economics granted by Washburn.

According to the NACE Job outlook, Economics and Finance majors were among 10 most demanded bachelors degrees in 2005. See a CNN article discussing the issue.

A thought-provoking Wall Street Journal article, expressing concerns over students writing skills.

Another interesting article, this time from The Chronicle of Higher Education, about the declining standards in business education.

Did you know you can rate your instructors at ?

The soccer league I used to play ball Currently, I am in retirement.

Not exciting enough? Try checking out the Major League Soccer website .
We used to have the  Kansas City Wizards who, after having an outstanding 2004 season, went through some rough times. First, the team was put up for sale. Next, many good players were conceded to other teams. Finally,
the team was able to stay in the KC metro area under the new name - Sporting KC - but the best times are yet to come.

With all due respect to US soccer, I have to say that for the best level of play, one should check out the English Premier League or better yet, UEFA Champions League.

Check all the latest news on Washburn sports.

What game is called "the coolest game on earth"? That's right, it's ice hockey!
Watching the fast-paced, technical, and physical National Hockey League games is always exciting, especially during the playoffs season.
My favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings.
Did you know Kansas City was temporarily considered as a new home for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL??? Well, that deal fell through but Topeka is now a home to a new hockey team... again, I should say. Let's see... during my tenure in NE Kansas we had the Scarecrows (v.I), Scarecrows (v.II), the Tarantulas, and now we have the RoadRunners!

Does anyone around here care about Purdue sports ? I hope so!

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