COVID-19 Move Out

Spring 2020 Closing Procedures 

To be cognizant of how Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads, Residential Living will be incorporating social distancing into our final checkout process. To help create an adequate amount of distance between residents of our facilities, Residential Living is limiting the number of students and guests present on each wing at the Living Learning Center and Lincoln Hall and each building at the Washburn Village during checkoutEach student may also only have a maximum of two guests assisting during the checkout process as well.

Download Step-By-Step Procedure Here

Note: Due to a high volume of people using these forms at once, you may have trouble loading them. If this happens, please allow a few moments before trying it again.

If circumstance does not allow you to retrieve your belongings on your own, you can register another individual to do so in your place (called a proxy).

Register A Proxy Individual Here


Application to Remain on Campus

Response to COVID-19:  Application to Remain Living on Campus

Following the closure of Residential Living Facilities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to live on campus will be restricted to a limited number of students, who have no other option other than to live on campus.  Students interested in remaining on campus should complete this application.

Applications are due by 9am on Monday, March 23, 2020.

We have developed the following criteria for students who will be allowed to continue living in the residence halls for the remainder of the semester.

  • The student's permanent residence is outside of the United States and the student is unable to travel to their home country.
  • The student's academic department has deemed and verified their internship, clinical or practicum will continue and requires the student’s on-site presence and the student has accepted that arrangement.
  • The student has personal circumstances preventing the student from returning home, some examples include:
    • The student is part of the foster care system.
    • The student/student's family does not have a permanent off-campus address.
    • The student's home community is quarantined.
    • Returning to home represents a health/safety threat to the student or those at home.

All other students should schedule a time to check out.

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