Candles: Only candles with wicks that have not been burned and those on candle warmers are permitted.

Nails/Wall Damage: Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms with the understanding that the use of nails, hooks, screws, and adhesives may damage the walls. The use of any material that damages or mars the walls will be charged to the student(s) when they check out of their rooms. See the Residential Living Handbook for specific charge rates.

Pets: Only fish are allowed as pets in the residence halls.

Refrigerators: Small refrigerators are allowed in student bedrooms, but can be no larger than 4 1/2 cubic feet. All Washburn Village apartments come equipped with a full size kitchen and appliances.

Microwaves: Microwaves are permitted in the residence hall rooms. Students using microwaves need to remain in the room while cooking food items. In the Washburn Village, each apartment is provided a convection microwave. In the Living Learning Center, Kuehne, and West, each hall is equipped with one community microwave and oven.

For a complete list of all residence hall policies, please see the Residential Living Handbook

Please Note: Failure to comply with any residence hall policies will result in disciplinary action including: warnings, fines, community service, or termination of housing contract.

 If you have any questions about the Residential Living Office, please call 785.670.1065 or e-mail

Residential Living Handbook

For a complete list of Residential Living's policies and procedures check out the Residential Living Handbook

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