Active Ichabod is a Student Recreation and Wellness Center incentive program designed to improve total wellness by rewarding participants for demonstrating good habits that contribute to a vital healthy lifestyle. See below on how to participate.

1. Register to be an Active Ichabod

  • Obtain an activity sheet for the current month at the front desk of the SRWC.
  • Registration forms are located on the back of the activity sheet and can be turned in at the submittal of the first activity sheet.
  • Participants may enroll in the program at any time. Active Ichabod is an on-going program designed to reward participants who embrace healthy lifestyles for the long-term.

2. Be Active!

Active Ichabod recognizes all types of physical activity, not just “formal” exercise. This includes: cardiovascular activity, strength training, fitness classes, sports, and positive daily activity habits (including household chores).

The US Surgeon General reports that “Significant health benefits can be obtained by including a moderate amount of physical activity (e.g., 30 minutes of brisk walking or raking leaves, 15 minutes of running, or 45 minutes of playing volleyball) on most, if not all, days of the week. Through a modest increase in daily activity, most Americans can improve their health and quality of life.”

3. Earn Points

  • New Active Ichabod activity sheets can be obtained at the SRWC.
  • 30 points can be earned each month.
  • Points are awarded for demonstrating various lifestyle behaviors vital to living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maximum of one point per day.

4. Report Your Activity and Receive Points

  • Record completed activities on the Active Ichabod activity sheet and submit it at the SRWC front desk within 10 business days of the last day of each month.
  • Participants not returning activity sheets for three consecutive months will need to re-enroll in order to continue being an Active Ichabod.
  • Point accumulations will be forfeited after four consecutive months of inactivity within the Active Ichabod program.

5. Redeem your Points!

  • Points are redeemable for a variety of great prizes!
  • You may choose to cash in often and receive several smaller prizes or you may choose to let your points ride and cash in when you have earned a more valuable prize.
  • To redeem your points simply contact James Thayer, Assistant Director of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at, 670-1314.
  • Prizes are available while supplies last. Prize availability and point values are subject to change.

Active Ichabod Challenge

Here's a fact: Research suggests college students who exercise at least twice per week have higher GPAs. So, we want to reward Bods who make that commitment!

We'll be giving away prizes for those who swipe in to exercise at least three times per week. We also have two top prizes that will be awarded to those that have the most card swipes during this four week period in addition to 50 points towards Active Ichabod.

Those who sign up earlier for this incentive are more likely to be awarded a bigger prize, so we encourage you to sign up earlier than later.

If you have any questions about the Active Ichabod Challenge, please contact us through our email, call the SRWC at 785-670-1314, or visit the SRWC.

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