Want to help to improve campus and have an idea of just how to do it? Apply for a Student Initiative Grant and get your idea funded by the Washburn Student Government Association! The Grant provides student(s) with the opportunity to apply for support both financially and otherwise to help improve specific portions of campus life. With the help of Washburn Student Government Association, your vision of campus can become a reality. 

There is a limited budget and ideas may be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis.  The Washburn Student Government Association has allocated $7,500 to provide support for such events/projects/initiatives.

  1. Washburn students are eligible to apply for Washburn Student Government Association Student Initiative Grants, up to $7,500 per request, to fund student-led initiatives. In order to request funding, events/projects/initiatives should benefit at a minimum of 1% of the student population.
  2. Events/projects/initiatives must be open to the entire student body.
  3. Events/projects/initiatives may not be a fundraiser, and no fee may be charged for admission for event/project/initiatives.
  4. Date of events/projects/initiatives may not conflict with an event or project already being sponsored by the Student Involvement & Development Office or Washburn Student Government Association without further approval.
  5. It is expected that student organizations eligible for Student Government funding seek funding through allocation form prior to submitting a grant application. In these cases, the Student Initiative Grant is limited to individual students rather than organizations that already received funding through allocations of Washburn Student Government Association.
  6. Application must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the Monday preceding the Allocations Committee Meeting that is at least 15 in advance of the planned event/start day of events/projects/initiatives.
  7. Upon submitting the application, the student(s) must schedule a meeting with the WSGA Budget Director, by contacting wsga.budget@washburn.edu
  8. After getting in contact with the Budget Director they will have you attend the next upcoming Allocations Committee Meeting. These meetings occur every Wednesday evening in the Lincoln Room in the Upper Level of the Memorial Union before the Full Senate meeting. 
  9. Before attending the Allocations Committee Meeting, the student(s) requesting grant must have the following information prepared:
    • Prepared proposal of how this project will benefit the University and/or the students' experiences, of at least one percent of the student body.
    • Prepared Budget of the event/project/initiatives, including a categorized summary of all costs.
    • Stakeholders should already be contacted or have had initial conversations held to seek their opinion or funding availabilities.
    • A prepared timeline for the event/project/initiatives.
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