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Winners 2019

The President’s Award

For a Better Life

Director and Producer: Yasmin Mistry 

Golden Bowtie


Director: Guy Nattiv

Producer: Jaime Ray Newman

Best Directing (Narrative)


Director: Guy Nattiv

Best Directing (Documentary)

The Kodiak Queen 

Director: Rob Sorrenti  

Best Cinematography (Narrative)

Project Max    

Cinematographer: Vadim Kryuchkov  

Best Cinematography (Documentary)

Fossil Place 

Cinematographer: Florencia Levy 

Best Editing (Narrative)


Editor: Yuval Orr  

Best Editing (Documentary)

The Monolith 

Editor: Rosie Walunas 

Best Sound Design


Sound Designer: Caroline Favre 

Best Production Design


Celeste Arrizabalaga

Special Achievement in Social Progress


Director: Guy Nattiv

Producer: Jaime Ray Newman

Excellence in Title Design


Diana Marelli

Best Animated Short

Fire in Cardboard City

Producers: Matt Heath and Orlando Stewart 

Director: Phil Brough 

Best Kansas High School or Middle School Film

On The Backs of Giants: The Story of Brown Vs. Board  

Directors: Zachary Stockton and Gabriel Obenieta

Best Narrative


Director: Guy Nattiv

Producer: Jaime Ray Newman

Best Documentary

The Kodiak Queen   

Director and Producer: Rob Sorrenti

Golden Ichabod (film by a Washburn student or alum)

Seeing Scarlet

Director: Ethan Jackson  

Producers: Blake Hopper and Madelaine Switzer