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Math Contests at Washburn University

Math Day

(The 2016 Math Day is on November 15)

Math Day is a Washburn tradition dating back to 1969.  On the first Tuesday in November each year, high school students from all over northeast Kansas come to Washburn to compete in a 40-question competitive mathematics exam.  Meanwhile, the teachers accompanying the students have a meeting including discussion of current issues of importance to mathematics educators and/or participate in activities ready for the mathematics classroom. 

After lunch is served, the students from each school work as a team to try to win the "Mathnificent Race".  This competition, introduced at the 2013 Math Day, includes a scavenger hunt on the Washburn University campus for information required to solve a sequence of problems as quickly as possible.  The first team to finish wins a plaque, but every team that completes all of the problems correctly wins a small prize.

In the afternoon, there is an awards ceremony honoring the students’ achievements.  The top three individual scorers in the Senior and Non-Senior categories all receive medals, and the top three scorers from each school receive ribbons.  Plaques are also awarded to the top team in each of the 1A-2A-3A, 4A, and 5A-6A classifications, and to the top overall scorer.  To add to the fun, there are also raffles for both the students and the teachers with mathematically oriented prizes. 

See the winners of the most recent Math Day! 

Three previous Math Day Exams are available:

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            2004 Math Day Exam               Solutions

            2009 Math Day Exam

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