Community and Continuing Education

Early Start Options and Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

High school juniors and seniors with at least a 3.0 GPA can earn up to six hours of college credit each semester at half the regular tuition rate through the ESO/CEP program (the Kansas Board of Regents permits a maximum of 24 CEP credit hours).  These options are designed to expand access to academically challenging college curricula for qualified high school students.  You must have the approval of your high school principal or counselor (and your parent or legal guardian if you're under 18) to enroll in these courses.

Concurrent Enrollment Partnership Courses (varies by high school)

BI 100 – Introduction to Biology CN 150 – Public Speaking EN 101 – Freshman Composition EN 135 – English Literature HI 111 – History of the U.S. I (AP) HI 112 – History of the U.S. II (AP) MA 116 – College Algebra (requires a 22 on the ACT Math Exam or equivalent COMPASS score) SP 101 – Beginning Spanish I

The Spring 2014 ESO/CEP tuition is $119 per credit hour.