Returning Students

Returning Students

Welcome Back!

If you have attended Washburn University in the past, simply fill out the Returning Student Reactivation. If you have attended other colleges or universities since you last attended Washburn, please provide official transcripts from each. YOU WILL BE CLASSIFIED AS DEGREE SEEKING OR NON-DEGREE SEEKING ACCORDING TO YOUR CLASSIFICATION WHEN YOU LAST ATTENDED. 

If you wish to change your classification, or you last attended Washburn prior to Fall 2004, you may not use the application for returning students. To return to Washburn and change your classification to non-degree seeking student, simply fill out the non-degree seeking application. To return to Washburn and change your classification to degree seeking student, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the degree seeking application
  • Pay the one-time application fee
  • Provide the Office of Admissions with official high school transcripts, ACT scores, and/or official transcripts from each college or university you have attended.

Students with fewer than 24 credit hours must provide high school transcripts, test scores, and college transcripts if applicable. Students with more than 24 credit hours must only provide transcripts from each college or university they've attended. 

Degree Seeking Student - Academic Suspension

If you have been academically suspended and have not attended Washburn for at least one full semester (not including the summer session), you may be eligible for academic reinstatement. For more information, please call the Advising Office, 785-670-1942, or e-mail

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