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Michael Almereyda

Robert Altman
     -Kansas City

Gregg Araki
     -Mysterious Skin

George Archainbaud
     -The Kansan

John Badham
     -American Flyers

Jason Bailey
     -5 Conversations

Steve Balderson
     -The Casserole Club
     -Pep Squad

Kenton Bartlett
     - Missing Pieces

Richard Benjamin
     -City Heat

Robert Benton
     -Bad Company

Peter Berg
     -Friday Night Lights

Edward Bernds
     -Quantrill's Raiders

Olivier Bernier
     -The Sunset Sky

Peter Bogdanovich
     -Paper Moon

Clay Borris
     -The Gunfighters

Howard Bretherton
     -Wild Brian Kent

James L. Brooks
     -Terms of Endearment

Richard Brooks
     -In Cold Blood
            - (See Article)
            - (See Article from Life Magazine)
            - (See Newspaper Article about the                Clutter Murders)
            - (See Copy of the Warrant for Hickock                 and Smith)
            - (See Article from Time Magazine)

Tim Burton
     -Mars Attacks!

Thomas Carr
     -Oregon Trail
     -Rebel City

David Carradine

Elie Chouraqui
     -Miss Missouri

William F. Claxton
     -Law of the Lawless

Lewis D. Collins
     -Kansas Territory

Kevin Costner
     -Dances With Wolves

Chuck Cranston
     -Through Martha's Eyes
           - (See Article)

Dan Curtis
     -The Kansas City Massacre
     -The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang

Michael Curtiz
     -Dodge City
           - (See Pamphlet from the Kansas               Historical Society)
     -Santa Fe Trail

Olivier Dahan
     -My Own Love Song

Stephen David
     -Can't Stop Dancing

Cecil B. DeMille
     -The Plainsman
           - (See Pamphlet from the Kansas               Historical Society)

Howard Deutch
     -Article 99

Jonathan Dillon

Richard Donner

Robert Downey Sr.
     -Up the Academy

Allan Dwan
     -A Modern Musketeer

George Edwards
     -The Attic

Ray Enright
     -Kansas Raiders
     -Trail Street

John Erman
     -Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies
     -When the Time Comes

D.S. Everett
     -Running Brave

Jeremy K. Fiest

Blake Fitzpatrick
     -A Dream of Color in Black and White

Victor Flemming
     -The Wizard of Oz
           - (See Article)

John Ford
     -Cheyenne Autumn

Phillip Ford
     -Law of the Golden West

Melvin Frank
     -The Jayhawkers!

John Frankenheimer
     -The Gypsy Moths

Jerrold Freedman
     -Kansas City Bomber

Michelle Fridley
     -The Key

Mickey Fridley
     -The Key

Claudio Guzmán
     -Linda Lovelace for President

Charles F. Haas
     -Showdown at Abilene

Herk Harvey
     -Carnival of Souls

Howard Hawks
     -Red River

Lance D. Hays
     -King Kung Fu

Stephen Herek

Arthur Hiller
     -Silver Streak

John Hughes
     -Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Jason Hunt
     -The Apology Dance

James Ivory
     -Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

Alec Joler
     -An Easy Grand

Harmon Jones

L.Q. Jones
     -A Boy and His Dog

Leif Jonker

Glenn Jordan
     -Sarah, Plain and Tall
     -Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End

Phil Karlson
     -Kansas City Confidential

Elia Kazan
     -Splendor in the Grass

          - (See Article from The New Yorker)

Henry King
     -Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

Neil LaBute
     -Nurse Betty
           - (See Article)

Michael Landon
     -Where Pigeons Go to Die

Ang Lee
     -Ride with the Devil
          - (See webpage)

Steve Lickteig
     -Open Secret

Abraham Lim
     -Roads and Bridges

Joshua Logan
           - (See Magazine Article from the               Kansas Historical Society)
           - (See Article from the Chicago

Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki

Edward Bernds
Edward Bernds

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Allan Dwan
Allan Dwan

Howard Hawks
Howard Hawks

Jerry London
      -Stolen Women, Captured Hearts

Pekka Mandart
     -Going to Kansas City

Anthony Mann
     -The Naked Spur

Edwin L. Marin
     -Abilene Town
     -Fighting Man of the Plains

Arthur Marks

George Marshall
     -When the Daltons Rode

Chuck Martinez
     -Nice Girls Don't Explode

Vincent McEveety
     -The Last Day

Douglas McGrath
           - (See Article)

Tom McLoughlin
     -Sometimes They Come Back

Nicholas Meyer
     -The Day After

Bennett Miller
           - (See Article)

Shannon Moran
     -Dangerous Dealings

Walter Murch
     -Return to Oz
           - (See Article)

Ralph Murphy
     -Men Without Names

Ray Nazarro
     -Kansas Pacific

Sam Nelson
     -Prairie Schooners

Chris Ordal

Jeremy Osbern
     -AIR: The Musical

Gordon Parks
           - (Map of Kansas Literature)
           - (See Article from "The Little Balkans               Review" Vol. 5, No. 4 2009)
     -The Learning Tree
           - (See Article)

Josh Pate
     -Friday Night Lights

Richard Pearce
     -Leap of Faith

Arthur Penn
     -Bonnie and Clyde

Lee Phillips
     -Windmills of the Gods

Frank Pierson

Allen Plone
      -Night Screams

Rodrick Pocowatchit
     -Dancing on the Moon

Paul Porter
     -Rabid Love

Stephen Wallace Pruitt
     -Works in Progress

Harold Ramis
      -The Ice Harvest
     -National Lampoon's Vacation

Patrick Rea
     -The Empty Acre

Tim Rebman
     -Ninth Street
           - (See Article)

Michael Ritchie
     -Prime Cut

Blake Robbins
     The Sublime and Beautiful      

Mike Robe
     -The Burden of Proof
     -Murder Ordained

Herbert Ross
     -The Secret of My Succe$s

Arthur Rosson
     -Red River

Joseph Sargent

Franklin J. Schaffner
     -The Stripper

Lesley Selander
     -Buckskin Frontier

Ethan Shaftel
     -An Easy Grand

Donald Shebib
     -Running Brave

George Sherman
     -Kansas Cyclone
     -The Kansas Terrors

George Sidney
     -The Harvey Girls

John N. Smith
     -A Cool, Dry Place

George B. Seitz

John M. Stahl
     -The Walls of Jericho

Sandor Stern
     -Shattered Innocence

David Stevens

John Swanbeck
     -The Big Kahuna

Michael Switzer
     -I Can Make You Love Me
     -A Matter of Justice

Jud Taylor
     -Mary White

Reece Tedford
     -Squad 77

Kirk R. Thatcher
     -The Muppets' Wizard of Oz
           - (See Article)

Louis Paul Tocchet
     -Something's Wrong in Kansas

Robert Totten
     -Dark Before Dawn

Jacques Tournuer

Dave Uhler

Caleb Vetter
     -Anyone Accept David

Andrew Wagner
     -The Talent Given Us

Raoul Walsh
     -Dark Command
           - (See Pamphlet from the Kansas               Historical Society)

Roy Watts
     -Hambone and Hillie

Robert D. Webb
     -The Proud Ones

Paul Wendkos
     -Cross of Fire

Frank Whaley
     -New York City Serenade

Tom Whitus
     -More than Puppy Love

Jason Wiles
     -Lenexa; 1 Mile

Kevin Willmott
     -The Battle for Bunker Hill
           - (See Article)
     -C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America
           - (See Article)
     -Ninth Street
           - (See Article)
     -The Only Good Indian

Thomas J. Wright
     -No Holds Barred

Ravi Yadav
     -Maro Charitra

David Yonally
     -Terminal Interface

Ben Zook
     -Can't Stop Dancing


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