Inscape 2019

The latest edition of Inscape was published in May 2019 and features submissions from a diverse group of writers and artists from all over the world. Below is the table of contents and links for a few sample pieces. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, it can be found at the Ichabod Shop, located on the Washburn University campus.

inscape-2019 cover by artist Tanya Shatseva

Table of Contents

by Jack Granath
Four Months, One Week
by Laurie Reiche
by Maxima Kahn
Listening in the Family Cemetery
by Larry Thacker
Sophia Loren Making a Pizza
by Benjamin Harnett
Herding Rabbits
by Isabel Gaddis
Glenn Gould
by Glen Armstrong
Beethoven's Piano
by AKaiser-Veyrat
by Carrie Greenlaw
Blue Note: A Road Trip Sestina
by Marc Meierkort
Side B: Album Cut
by Marc Meierkort
The Round House of Love, and Not
by Kelly R. Samuels
The Unpublished Poems of Marilyn Monroe
by Susana H. Case
The Clouds Were the Reason
by Sarah Brown Weitzman
American Family
by Carrie La Seur
Thoughts on Staircases
by Kelly R. Samuels
After the Bingo Game
by Louisa Howerow
How a Poem Is Like a Rube Goldberg
by Sarah Brown Weitzman
by Daniel King
Guerrilla Warfare
by Ruth Maus
Occupying the Body
by Carol V. Davis
Negative Mass
by Sarah Moore Wagner
The mennonite Lady of Pelkie
by Peter Hoheisel
Flight Lessons
by John Sibley Williams
Scriabin vs. the Birds
by Maxima Kahn
I'm the Queen of the Rumba Beat
by Isabel Gaddis
The Tectonics of Words
by Ken Holland
Another Question
by Lois Marie Harrod
by Les Bernstein
Still Life: Mother with Child and Dog in Car
by Kelly R. Samuels
The Abacist
by Denton Loving
by Marc Meierkort
Io Sono Un Sogno
by Charly Verger
by Charly Verger
3 Men 2016 Mixed
by Ira Joel Haber
Fall Color Colorado
by Yue Li
Wedding Day
by Yue Li
Angels Smile
by Yue Li
by Sandy Coomer
The Landscape A2572018
by Andrew Foster
The One With the Faces A1972018
by Andrew Foster
The Girl A482018
by Andrew Foster
Crab Spider Hoverfly
by Scott Brackey
Rain Rose Leaf
by Scott Brackey
by Eliot Eckersley
Felinoid Fall
by Tanya Shatseva
Black Hold In the Milky Way
by Tanya Shatseva
by Teresa Milbrodt
Trees in Mongolia
by James Sullivan
by Katy Mullins
In Memory Yet Gold
by J. David Liss
Election Night Clinic
by JoDean Nicolette
A Working-Class Death
by Carrie La Seur
The Flowers
by Kody Stadler