American Writers

in Paris

The home of Ezra Pound on the Quai d'Anjou

Paris is divided into twenty districts, or arrondissements, that spiral out from the heart of the city.  Most of the writers who lived and wrote in Paris stayed in only a few of these districts, so they make an easy way to organize your visit to the city.  As you walk from one home to the next, you'll get a chance to trainer or flaner the streets of Paris and absorb some of its atmosphere.  The walks may involve a little backtracking here and there, but none of them is very long or very strenuous--and there are always cafés, restaurants, and patisseries to pause in if the pleasure of literary sleuthing needs a little restoration.

Note that while in America, a house numbered 83 is probably opposite one numbered 84, do not be surprised in France to see number 234 opposite 329.  Note, too, that Paris streets are likely to change names every few blocks.

The most helpful guide to finding the small streets is not a giant map of Paris, which blows in the wind and is difficult to handle, but a small guide called "Paris Pratique," available at most bookstores.  It's the size of a thin paperback, so it is easily carried.  It has a complete list of streets at the beginning, locating them in their arrondissements; this listing is followed by maps organized arrondissement by arrondissement.  It's easy to hold and to use, and it's a very handy investment.  Finally, while the directions might seem a little confusing on the written page, if you are actually walking, they give precise directions to each site--though, of course, having "Paris Pratique" with you is probably advisable.

Day One
(Cooper, Irving, James, Emerson, Twain, McCullers)

Day Two
(Pound, DosPassos, Jones, Three Mountains Press)

Day Three
(Stein, Toklas, Wolfe, Barney, Baldwin, Miller,
Tarkington, Longfellow, Wright)

Day Four
(Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Stein, Toklas,
Pound, Porter)

Day Five
(Cather, Wright, MacLeish, Eliot, Wharton,
   Twain, Black Sun Press)

Day Six
(James, Steinbeck, Lewis, Shaw, Henry Adams,
Buchwald, Fitzgerald)

Day Seven
(Montparnasse and its Cafes, Millay,
Porter, Miller)

Day Eight
(Pere-Lachaise: Wright, Stein,
Toklas, Jim Morrison)

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