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Manhattan, Kansas

Featured Writers :
Hellen Rhoda Hoopes
Langston Hughes
Romalyn Tilghman

Manhattan, county seat of Riley County, and the home of Kansas State University, is located at the junction of the Kansas and Big Blue rivers, and is adjacent to the Flint Hills.The city was founded in 1855 as a Free-State town by Isaac Goodnow--a fine local history museum takes this name. Kansas State University was established as the Kansas State Agricultural College in 1863. The Kansas Pacific built through the city in 1866. Manhattan has grown in population in every decade since its founding. The building of Tuttle Creek Reservoir after the 1951 Flood was controversial, but created recreation for the area. And the proximity of the Flint Hills is highlighted in the new Flint Hills Discovery Center, opened in 2012. The rich history and environment of Manhattan has made it inspiration of a number of Kansas Writers. Franklin Marshall Davis, attended the University when it was KSAC. Kenneth S. Davis, prominent historian, wrote two novels, The Year of the Pilgrimage (1948) and Morning in Kansas (1952), set in Manhattan. Elizabeth Dodd, Professor in the English Department, has explored the nature and meaning of Manhattan's natural world. Jonathan Holden, first Poet Laureate of Kansas, also teaches at Kansas State. Lori Roy, whose first novel Bent Road won an Edgar Award in 2012, grew up in Manhattan. The "Little Apple," as it is called, is home to over 50,000 people.