HLC Accreditation Introduction

We are currently participating in a comprehensive tenth-year reaffirmation of accreditation to demonstrate institutional effectiveness and provide evidence through an Assurance Argument that we meet the Higher Learning Commission's criteria for accreditation, Our self study will end with a site visit of peer evaluators March 25-March 26, 2019 as they verify the evidence presented in the Assurance Argument. Their team report will be submitted to the Higher Learning Commission for review, culminating with the Institutional Actions Council voting to continue Washburn University's accreditation.

We appreciate your interest and involvement in reviewing the Assurance Argument to ensure we have provided useful insights as Washburn engages in the ongoing pursuit of excellence. You can provide feedback to the team by emailing:


We also encourage you to take part in the on-campus meetings conducted by the peer evaluators while they are on campus.

Thank you for your participation.