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Student Success Collaborative

Student Success Collaborative: Campus and Guide

Washburn University has partnered with the EAB Student Success Collaborative for two opportunities to impact student success: Campus and Guide.

Campus is a platform that combines predictive analytics and communication tools for academic advising and tutoring. Campus combines technology, analytics, consulting, and best practice research to Washburn use data and analytics to measurably improve student outcomes. Students can use Campus to connect with their team of advisors, schedule advising sessions, retrieve advising notes, connect with campus resources and leverage advising tools such as Major Explorer and Career data.

EAB also offers Guide, a new free mobile app that will help you thrive at Washburn. Guide can help students at all levels, whether you're just getting started or are nearing graduation. Think of it like a personal advisor in your pocket! Whether you're looking for academic advising, tutoring or ways to have fun outside the classroom, Guide will connect you to the right people and resources.

Additional information can be found at our Student Success Collaborative LibGuide.