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MAcc Curriculum

Thirty graduate level semester hours beyond the undergraduate degree must be completed by all students.

Required Courses

AC 621 Advanced Financial Accounting
AC 624 Tax For Business Entities
AC 627 Advanced Managerial Accounting
AC 629 Accounting Research Seminar
AC 630 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
AC 639 Accounting Theory and Ethics
EC 952 Managerial Economics

One accounting course from the following:

AC 625 Advanced Auditing
AC 626 Contemporary Issues in Accounting
AC 628 Governmental and Not for Profit Accounting

Total required course hours: 24 hours

Elective Courses
Two courses must be selected from the following:

One additional accounting course from above;
MBA courses (excluding AC 954 and any law courses included in the MBA curriculum);

BU 616 Commercial Transactions
AC 699

Internship in Accounting
(only three hours of AC 699 credit is allowed)

Total elective course hours: 6 hours

Total required MAcc Program credit hours: 30 hours