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Business Bods:  Looking to graduate with no problems?  Here’s how:

  • The No. 1 tip: Complete your 100-level course requirements before moving on to 200-, 300- and finally 400-level courses. If you do this you have an easy to follow plan. Freshman year, focus on correlate courses. Sophomore year, finish up your lower core coursework. If you reach your junior year and still have early level courses, be sure to get them finished.
  • Move quickly to finish lower core courses and MA 141 and apply for admission to the School of Business.
  • Warning: a student cannot take more than 30 credit hours of accounting and business course work without having been admitted to the School. Admission applications are processed only the fifteenth of each month.

Know your responsibilities:

  • Declaring a major in Bachelor of Business Administration degree or the economics major in the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Having your transfer credit reviewed in the first semester at Washburn.
  • Understanding the requirements of your degree program.
  • Completing the requirements for admission to the School of Business and applying for admission.
  • Monitoring your progress in the program through the use of the Degree Audit function in my.washburn.
  • Ensuring that you meet all program requirements, including course prerequisites, in order and on time.

Let Advising Services help you succeed:

  • If you haven’t  been formally admitted to the School of Business yet, talk to Stacy Woltje, Director of Student Affairs in the School of Business. You can find her in the School office, HC114.
  • Already been admitted to the School? Work with a professor in your field. 
  • Get a degree audit to be sure.  Degree Audits are an unofficial check of where you are in meeting your degree requirements.  They reflect courses in progress, so it is recommended that you process a degree audit every semester after you have enrolled so that you can see how your current enrollment is satisfying requirements.
  • Check your e-mail. Washburn and the School of Business will contact you by e-mail. If you don’t use your Washburn-issued account, be sure to forward it to an account you check daily.