Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE)

Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE)

The Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE) is a program that provides Washburn University students with amazing opportunities and experiences.  It is our dream program.  What is your dream?  What have you always thought of doing or accomplishing?  The WTE turns dreams into reality. The WTE goes beyond the everyday classroom experience by allowing students to choose and create projects that reflect their interests.

WTE Mission Statement: Consistent with the mission of the University, the Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE) provides an opportunity for students to enhance their learning through direct interaction with faculty while engaging in experiences outside the classroom in one of four arenas: leadership, community service, international experience, or scholarly and/or creative endeavors. It is expected that the student's experience will yield a greater understanding of the world around them and how one might utilize his or her unique skills and abilities to affect positive change.

There are four (4) WTE areas and students are encouraged to complete one or more of them:

  • Community Service
    • Do you have a passion for helping those in need?  Make the world a better place.
  • International Education
    • Want to travel to a foreign country?  Ever think of studying abroad for a semester/year?
  • Leadership
    • Something broken?  Better way of doing things?  Here's your chance.
  • Scholarly or Creative
    • Make an amazing discovery.  Create something new.  Explore your mind.

To find out more about a particular WTE, click on the link on the left.

If you have any questions, please call or email the appropriate WTE Area Director:

Picture (below): Students (and faculty mentors) who volunteered to complete their Campus Action Projects (CAPs) and earned the Leadership WTE!  New changes to our campus:

Game room in Lincoln Hall.
Massive bean bag chairs in the lounge (Union top floor).
Student printer in Morgan Hall.
Outdoor, fun fit park for students, faculty, staff, and community members.
WUtique: Secondhand (thrift) store for students.  Everything is FREE!
Campus Map app.
Hot food available in the Corner Store.


LE CAP students & faculty mentors