New Student Orientation

Meet the SOCs

What is a SOC?

SOCs, or Summer Orientation Counselors, are student leaders specially trained to make your orientation experience both worthwhile and memorable.  SOCs are bottomless wells of information about Washburn and great people to ask about the student experience.  Truly emulating the Ichabod, they are known for their spirit, enthusiasm, and indefatigable helpfulness. 

2013 Summer Orientation Counselors

Here's a little info about a few of our 2013 SOCS (more coming soon!): 

Tiana Schneider
            High School- Cimarron High School
            Major- General Business
            Class Year- Junior
Favorite Thing About WU- When walking from class to class it is impossible not to run into a friend or two  

Garrett Fenley
            High School- Troy High School        
            Major- Respiratory Therapy/ Health Administration
            Class Year- Junior    
Favorite Thing about WU- How easy it is to get involved on campus and how the faculty truly care about students interaction.  

Parker Gallion
            High School- Frankfort High School
            Major- Nursing
            Class Year- Sophomore
Favorite Thing about WU- Small size, everyone is so friendly, teachers are willing to work with me if I need it.  

Kellin Garcia
            High School- Turner High School
            Major- Accounting and Finance
            Class Year- Sophomore
Favorite Thing about Washburn- The campus, the people, the safety, how small it is, the staff, the involvement, and everything else.  

Garrett Mazacheck
            High School- Washburn Rural High School
            Major- Mathematics and Finance
            Class Year- Senior
Favorite Thing about Washburn- Small class sizes and faculty’s willingness to help students succeed.  

Shelby Robke-
            High School- Lebo High School
            Major- Radiologic Technology
            Class Year- Senior
Favorite Thing about Washburn-  Small class sizes and a community environment are two of my favorite things about Washburn. Professors care about each student’s success and it’s easy to make friends in classes, through student organizations and at on campus event.  

Patrick Middendorf-
            High School- Potomac Falls High School
            Major- Business
            Class Year- Sophomore
Favorite Thing About Washburn- Every professor wants you to succeed.  The professors are willing to take the time needed to help you with any questions on homework or tests during the semester.