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Academic History
  • 2012 Joined Washburn faculty
  • 2007-09 Adjunct at Park University
Scholarly Interests/Activities
As a scientist-practitioner, George's research interests are focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary opportunities that investigate cross-cultural understandings, practice implications, and policy development as it applies to the intersection of sexuality and shame, women, chronic illness, sexual orientation, body image, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and cultural influences on sex roles.He is currently exploring social workers as key health care providers within a sexual medicine practice, specifically the mentoring of new certified sex therapists and standardization of post-graduate training for seasoned professionals.
Service Interests/Activities

George’s expertise in sexuality lends itself to interdepartmental service as well as outreach to fraternities/ sororities and gender studies programs in areas such as:
1)  Bullying 
2)  Homophobia
3)  Gender, Sexism and Power
4)  Rape & Trauma

Career Accomplishments
  • 2012 Recipient: “The Outstanding Dissertation Award” -- Social-Sexual Voice of Adults With Mild Intellectual Disabilities: A Qualitative Study
  • 2012 Nominated: “The William R. Stayton Award for Applied Leadership in Human Sexuality”
  • Nov. 2012 Paper Accepted at Council for Exceptional Children -- Teacher Education Division conference: Turner, G. & Staulters, M. Transition planning for social-sexual health: the voices of individuals with intellectual disabilities
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