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Rik Hine

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Morgan Hall 206L
Washburn University
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
University of Connecticut, Doctor of Philosophy
Academic History
  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Texas Christian University 2011-2016
  • University Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut 2010-2011
  • Instructor,¬†Central Connecticut State University 2009-2010¬†
  • PH 100 A, Introduction to Philosophy
  • PH 100 B, Introduction to Philosophy
  • PH 201 A, Hist of Ancient Western Phil
  • PH 202 A, Hist of Mod Western Phil
  • PH 330 A, Philosophy of Mind
Scholarly Interests/Activities
Professor Hine 's main research areas are Philosophy of Psychology, Mind, and Cognitive Science. He has published papers on the nature of the relationship between attention and consciousness, and is currently working on papers about 'extended mind,' and the scientific status of psychiatry. He also has an abiding interest in the history of philosophy, and aesthetics.
Service Interests/Activities
Professor Hine was the philosophy program chair for the 105th annual conference of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (2013), and chair of a 2014 International Symposium on Consciousness.