Center for Kansas Studies

New Kansas Studies Course
IS340, Kansas Studies course

Kansas Studies Minor

In support the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and resources in the study the history and culture of the state of Kansas, a minor in Kansas Studies is offered to Washburn students. Students make application to the Center's director and take 15 hours from an approved list, on a graded basis, with at least 6 hours of upper division (300) level, as required.

For more information, please contact
Professor of Geography Tom Schmiedeler
Henderson Learning Center, Rm 225, phone 785 670-1559

Student Learning Outcomes:

Kansas Studies minors at Washburn University, upon graduation, are expected to have:

  •  acquired knowledge of the natural environment of Kansas and how humans have interacted with that environment;
  •  acquired knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of the cultures, arts and literature of Kansas; and
  •  acquired knowledge of Kansas history, economics and political processes.

Scheduled Fall 2014 Classes for the Kansas Studies Minor:

This information is changed per semester. See also: Fall 2014 Course Schedule (Search "All Courses" / "Kansas Studies")

  • GL103C: Historical Geology, 3 credits, 6:45pm, MW, ST-118, Gilliland
  • HI397: Internship in History Agencies, XA, Goossen
        Prerequisites: HI111 and HI112 and 6 hours upper division History and consent
  • PO106A: US Government, 3 credits, 12:00pm MWF, HC-208, Beatty
  • PO107: Amer State & Local Gov’t, 3 credits, 9:30am TR, HC-208, Peterson
  • PO304: Political Behavior, 3 credits, 1:00pm TR, HC-203, Beatty
  • PO307: Intern-State & Local Gov’t, 3 credits, XA, Peterson
       Prerequisites: PO107 and Jr. or Sr. Status and/or consent of instructor
  • PO371: Topics-KS Governors & People, 3 credits, 1:00pm TR, HC-203, Beatty

Degree Minor:

The Kansas Studies Curriculum:

  • AN 225 Kansas Archeology
  • AR 114 Art and Architecture of Kansas
  • AR 399 Documentary Photography ("Small Kansas Towns")
  • BI 280 Special Topics (when taught as "Kansas Amphibians," "Turtles & Reptiles" or "Kansas Birds")
  • CN 330 Communication and Conflict in Negotiation (Kansas emphasis)
  • EN 138 Kansas Literature
  • EN 190 Film Appreciation (when taught as "Kansas in the Movies")
  • EN 199, 299 Special Topics (when taught as "399 Kansas Characters," "Kansas Folklore" or "Mapping Kansas Literature")
  • GG 304 Kansas Geography
  • GL 103 Historical Geology (with Kansas emphasis)
  • HI 300 Topics in History (when taught as "Kansas Characters" or as "John Brown")
  • HI 322 Kansas History
  • HI 397 Internship in Historical Agencies Topics 
  • IS 400 Special Topics (when taught as "Kansas Characters")
  • LS 590 Mapping Kansas Literature
  • PO 107 American State and Local Government
  • PO 307 Internship in State and Local Government
  • PO 309 Kansas Legislative Experience