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Internship Procedures

**All of these procedures must be completed prior to enrollment in the internship course **

  1. There are several preliminary tasks that need to be accomplished for the internship. In short, you should read the internship information packet and become familiar with the forms that need to be completed. The internship packets can be found below.
  2. Consider where you would like to complete the internship from the list of agencies authorized by the Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Department. If you desire to complete an internship with an agency that's not on the authorized list, please contact the appropriate internship coordinator for prior approval.
  3. Make contact with the host internship agency to see if an internship is possible for the time frame you have in mind. The prospective agency representative will likely want to interview you, so be prepared to answer questions with regard to your interests, time frame for completing the internship, etc. Also, most criminal justice agencies will conduct a background investigation.
  4. Once you have agreement with the agency for an internship placement, the four internship forms contained in the informational packet (Biographical Summary, Agency Participation Form, Agency Non-Discriminatory Policy Acknowledgement, and Student Waiver) must be completed and submitted to the appropriate internship coordinator at the Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Department. Upon approval of the internship coordinator, an over-ride will be granted and you may enroll in the internship course.
  5. The internship is no longer part of the Washburn Transformational Experience.

Law Enforcement/Security Administration


Law Enforcement/Security Administration Internship Packet (.pdf)

Law Enforcement/Security Administration Internship Agency Listing (.pdf)



Corrections Internship Packet (.pdf)

Corrections Agency Listing (.pdf)