Human Services

Student Activities

Morita Study Group (MSG)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brian Ogawa

The purpose of the Morita Study Group is to supplement the classroom study of Morita therapy through seminars, meetings, study abroad, and conference attendance and presentations.

*This certificate is being phased out.  Please contact the department immediately if you are interested in these courses.

Tau Upsilon Alpha (TUA)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Diane McMillen

The department is a chartered campus center of Tau Upsilon Alpha (TYA) National Organization of Human Services (NOHS) National Honor Society. TYA is the acronym of the Greek transliteration of the motto for the honor society: Excellence in Service to Humanity. Each chapter evaluates qualified students and issues invitations to membership.

Washburn Human Services Coalition (WHSC)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Diane McMillen

The purpose of the Coalition is to bring together students from different fields of study that relate to human services. The Coalition provides career development, professional education, and networking opportunities for its members.