Faculty and Staff

Chemistry Faculty and Staff Photo

Front row from left to right: Dr. Lisa Sharpe Elles, Dr. Stephen Angel, and Ms. Joyce Hutchins. Back row from left to right: Dr. Sue Salem, Ms. DeAnn Leach, Dr. Shaun Schmidt, Dr. Seid Adem, and Dr. Sam Leung


Full-Time Faculty

Seid Adem, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 785-670-3242

Stephen Angel, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair 785-670-2266

Sam Leung, Ph.D.

Professor 785-670-2375

Shaun Schmidt, Ph.D.


Shaun Schmidt's web page

Lisa Sharpe Elles, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 785-670-3255


Adjunct Faculty

Patrick Porubsky, M.S.

Alan Shaver, Ph.D.


Emeritus Faculty

Janice Barton, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Sue Salem, Ph.D.

Lecturer Emeritus



Joyce Hutchins

Secretary 785-670-2270

DeAnn Leach

Lab Supervisor 785-670-2272