K-INBRE Research Training Scholarships

The 2013-2014 K-INBRE Research Training Scholarships are now available.

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The Chemistry Department offers scholarships to students majoring in chemistry. The amount of scholarship is degree dependent.


Criteria and application form for incoming freshmen

Criteria and application form for current students


Available Departmental Scholarships

  • Carswell Memorial Scholarship
  • C. Ronald Dayton Memorial Scholarship
  • Walter W. Deschner Chemistry Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert H. Glazier Science Scholarship
  • Dr. Eugene A. and Viola M. Ramskill Scholarship
  • Tom and Fay Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Chi Che Wang Scholarship
  • Susan J. Snyder Scholarship
  • Dr. Sheldon & Virginia Cohen Fund of Excellence
  • Dr. Janice S. Barton Biochemistry Scholarship
  • Sara Lu Carter Science Scholarship
  • John M. and Comfort Shaw Scholarship
  • Catherine H. Conard and Edith Conard Frishinger Chemistry Scholarship