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Ever dreamed about seeing the world? Do you love learning about new cultures? Want to try something that you've never done before? Study Abroad. What better way to get out of your comfort zone, to push yourself farther than you thought possible? Take a risk, and learn something about yourself, about another country and make some really great lifelong friends along the way.

Myths vs. Reality of Study Abroad

There are many myths surrounding study abroad. Many students believe that it is too expensive. Others are afraid that their credits won't actually help them in meeting degree requirements or that they must know a foreign language. None of that is necessarily true. The real truth is that there are many meaningful and affordable opportunities to earn Washburn credit while studying abroad. Our partner institutions offer classes in business and other disciplines taught in English, so no prior knowledge of foreign language is needed.  You get an opportunity to see the world without impeding your progress toward a degree.  In order to make that possible, however, careful planning is needed.  It is never too early to start exploring the possibilities, contact your study abroad advisor as soon as you can!

Myth: Study abroad will be too expensive for me.

Fact: Scholarships are available from the School of Business and the Office of International Programs to help make study abroad work for you.

Myth: The credits won’t transfer.

Fact: Washburn partners with 12 institutions around the world and nearly all credits will satisfy either business or general education requirements.

Myth: I don’t know a foreign language so I can’t study abroad.

Fact: Classes at Washburn’s partner schools are taught in English. 

Myth: The process is too complicated.

Fact: It takes planning but a study abroad advisor can help you explore your options – a full semester, short-term, school-sponsored or internship program in the fall, spring or summer. And an advisor can help you plan so that your time abroad gets you to your goal of a degree on time and on budget. Contact an advisor today.

For more information contact:

School of Business Study Abroad Coordinator
Dr. Dmitri Nizovtsev, Henderson 310N, 670-1599

School of Business Director of Student Affairs
Stacy Woltje, Henderson 114, 670-2049

School of Business Associate Dean
Dr. Russ Smith, Henderson 114, 670-1308

Washburn University Study Abroad Coordinator
Tina Williams, International House, 670-2095