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The world is your classroom with International Business and Entrepreneurial Experience (BU 406), a unique international course that combines a hands-on business education with a multi-cultural study abroad experience. Washburn students work in teams with students in Asia and Europe to solve business problems for companies in the U.S. and overseas. The course offers an Asian experience and a European experience.

Asian option

Washburn and Belgian students at Great Wall of ChinaWashburn students work in teams with Chinese students from Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) and Belgian students from the University College PXL Limburg in Hasselt. Via Skype and other forms of social media, the mixed teams of students conduct research, gather information and analyze a Chinese company. In May the Washburn and Belgian students travel to China and the entire group presents their findings to the client. While in Asia the students gain exceptional cultural and business experience by traveling to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Macao and Hong Kong, visiting cultural sites and meeting with Chinese businesses.

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European option

Washburn partners with the Catholic University – University College in Leuven, in Belgium. A mixed American-Belgian team works in parallel for two companies—Hill’s Pet Nutrition in Topeka and ACE Packaging Company in Leuven, Belgium. The teams initially work together via social media. In March the Belgian students travel to Topeka and collaborate with Washburn students to solve a problem defined by Hill’s. The group works onsite at Hill’s corporate headquarters in Topeka. The CEO and executive team meet with the students and explain the business issue in great detail.

Washburn students at Chateau de Chambord, in Chambord, France

When the Belgian students return home, they continue to work with Washburn students to finalize the Hill’s project and make a joint presentation to the company’s executive team. In parallel the Washburn and Belgian students start working on the project for ACE. Washburn students travel to Belgium in June where they finalize work for ACE and present their findings to an audience of instructors, students and local businesses. The course has a cultural/business component with visits to Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Bastogne, Antwerp (in Belgium), Luxembourg, and the Loire Valley and Paris in France.

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