Post-Graduate Certificate - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Practitioner (PMHNP) Online

Potential Clinical Site & Preceptor form

Potential Clinical Site & Preceptor form

PMHNP Preceptor Information

Preceptors are key to student success and your clinical expertise is invaluable to the student learning. For further information, see the following resources:

Using eLogs for completion of the Preceptor Evaluation of the Student

Preceptors will use the eLog system to provide midterm and final evaluations of the student clinical experience.  The six power point slides provide a step by step tutorial for your use of the eLog system.

Preceptor Form Upload

PMHNP Preceptor Orientation Evaluation

PMHNP Preceptor Evaluation NU-852

PMHNP Preceptor Evaluation NU-856

PMHNP Preceptor Evaluation NU-858

PMHNP Preceptor & Agency Information Sheet