Awards and Recognition

Student Life Achieving Excellence Award

Nominate someone today.  Don’t forget-we’re always accepting Achieving Excellence Award nominations.

 The Student Life Achieving Excellence award recognizes the faculty, staff member or community leader who demonstrates excellence in working with individual students, student groups and organizations.  This is our way to recognize individuals who most exemplify the following principles based on everyday behaviors or special isolated events and activities.

                  Design and facilitate programs to meet the needs of individual  students

                  Educate others about students and their development

                  Emphasize collaborative teams and programming with others

                  Facilitate avenues to enhance student development of leadership skills, practices and behaviors

                  Implement proactive advising, counseling and assistance

                  Participate in and promote service and service learning

                  Provide a “fail-safe” environment and encourage self-expression of ideas

                  Serve as an ethical role model both on and off the “job”

                  Teach sensitivity to diversity that encourages behavioral growth

Nominations are continually accepted in the Student Life Office, Morgan 104.  Awards are presented in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May.  As sponsors of this award, members of the Student Life Team are not eligible for this award.

Past Achieving Excellence Award recipients:  

Academic Year 2012-2013: Amanda Hughes, Corey Zwikstra, Glenda Taylor, Tim Fry, Jeff Mott, Jenna Glover

Academic Year 2011-2012: Danny Wade, Judy McCourt, Stacy Woltje, Dennis Etzel, Harrison Watts, Margaret Wood  

Academic Year 2010-2011: MaryDorsey Wanless, Jaci Jenkins Lindburg, Gloria Ragsdale, Patricia Joyce, John Paul Louisa Schurig, Tony Silvestri, Cynthia Turk, Tracy Routsong 

Academic Year 2009-2010: John Mullican, Kellis Bayless, Michael Stoica, Stephanie Lanter, Gabi Lunte, Gary Baker, Regina Cassell, Tim Collins 

Academic Year 2008-2009: Park Lockwood, Sarah Cook, Rob Weigand, Barb DeSanto, Patti Bender, Rick Barker, LanceJohnson, Jane Carpenter 

Academic Year 2007-08:  Kirt Saville, Tammy Schlingmann, Gary McDonald, Gene Wunder, Jim Schnoebelen, Mike Russell, Jim Martin, Maria Raicheva Stover, Lynda Carter

Academic Year 2006-2007: Neil and Bridget Gately, Paul Wagner, Payroll Office, Ann Callies, Ron Wasserstein, Gary Schmidt, Kay Farley, Ed and Judy Soule 

Academic Year 2005-2006: Evelyn Pitts, David Hartley, Heidi Crosland, Mary Jones, Linda Spaulding, Judy Smith, Business Office 

Academic Year 2004-2005: Bruce Mactavish, Joy Koesten, Bob Beatty, Jamie McEwen, Velma Gooding, Don Jones, Courtney Sullivan 

Academic Year 2003-2004: Steve Ice, Heidi Kraus Staerkel, Kevin WIndholz, Candy Bahner, Richard Driver, Brian Miller, Donna LaLonde, Kathy Reser 

Academic Year 2002-2003: Janell Harris, Bruce Zelkovitz, Duane Williams, Jeanie Cornelius, Ken Ohm, Moira Brouddus, Tom Clevenger 

Academic Year 2001-2002: Jim Coen, Tom Wiencek, Rocky Ghoul, Christine Winchester, Don Vest, John Warren, Dena Barone 

Academic Year 2000-2001: Carol Vogel, Barbara Stevenson, Franklin Reynolds, Sandra Kidd, Rick Ellis 

In addition, the Muriel D. Clarke award is presented annually in April to one of the monthly honorees.  This award honors Ms. Clarke who was one of Washburn’s most loyal students, whose support of students continued even in her retirement. This award honors the individual who demonstrates excellence in working with individual students, student groups and organizations. 

 Muriel D. Clarke Award Recipients:

2013       Glenda Taylor
2012       Harrison Watts
2011       John Mullican
2010       Tim Collins
2009       Rick Barker
2008       Rugena Hall
2007       Ron Wasserstein
2006       Judy Smith
2005       Don Jones
2004       Heidi Kraus Staerkel
2003       Brue Zelkovitz
2002       Tom Wiencek
2001       Rick Ellis