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Washburn University Office of Sponsored Projects

Mission and Services

Mission Statement

The Office of Sponsored Projects promotes and facilitates the acquisition of external funding to support Washburn University programs, projects and related activities. The Office of Sponsored Projects provides resources and assistance to faculty, staff and administrators to foster project ideas, locate funding opportunities, strengthen grant writing and research skills, develop grant proposals, and to comply with applicable approval and compliance requirements.


To achieve this mission, the Office of Sponsored Projects is committed to the following responsibilities:

  • Work with University departments and personnel to foster grant interests and ideas, and promote faculty/staff involvement with grant activities and proposal development.
  • Research and collect information about government and private sources of funding, including application guidelines and/or requests for proposals.
  • Develop and maintain a database of external grant proposal submissions and awards to provide a wide variety of informational reports.
  • Work closely with the Finance Office (and other appropriate offices) to coordinate internal grant proposal approval activities and to ensure standardized grant administration activities for funded programs.
  • Coordinate grant activities with the Finance Department, University faculty/staff, Institutional Review Board (IRB), and other units as appropriate to ensure that projects are consistent and compliant with the University's mission and priorities.
  • Organize information and develop training programs, including a grant resource library and website, to enhance the campus community's grant seeking skills.

Services Available

  • Individual consultation on any aspect of the grant process.
  • Training, workshops, and literature pertaining to grant funding, writing, development, and administration.
  • Analysis and interpretation of compliance related issues, rules, and regulations.
  • Project-specific grant funding research.
  • Access to grant resource library.
  • Proposal assistance, including:
    • Time analysis for application preparation
    • Narrative and proposal development
    • Budget preparation and review
    • Editing and review
    • Ensuring compliance with University and funding agency guidelines
    • Securing required campus approvals
    • Identification and assembly of certification and insurance
    • Final grant preparation and mailing (electronic or mail)
    • Follow up after submission
  • Award management, including:
    • Financial reporting on federal awards
    • Subaward contract preparation
    • Audit compliance
Recent Awards

Washburn School of Nursing was recently awarded a grant from the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. Washburn was one of 16 institutions selected, via a competitive grant process, for an award. The Classroom to Community: Implementing Patient-Centered Care in Public Housing (CCIPCPH) project will transform nurse practitioner (NP) education, using an interprofessional curricular model, to create a cutting-edge, health care initiative for medically underserved members of Topeka, KS. The Washburn University School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program will serve as the lead professional program on this project. In Phase 1 of the project, an interprofessional curriculum will be developed in conjunction with Washburn's School of Business and the Department of Communication. This curriculum will emphasize key concepts such as entrepreneurship, leadership, sustainability, community partnerships, and population health. During Phase 2 of the project, select students will apply classroom learning to a real world setting by participating in the development, implementation and assessment of a patient-centered medical clinic located at the Topeka Housing Authority (THA) - Pine Ridge Manor family housing. Pine Ridge is THA’s largest and oldest public housing community. The CCIPCPH project will create a dynamic partnership to apply an innovative education model, comprised of classroom and clinical learning, to improve the health and welfare of families and individuals who reside at Pine Ridge. The THA currently hosts a holistic, community-based clinic at Pine Ridge, which is operated by contracted, community-based care providers. The innovative CCIPCPH project will bring primary care services to the Pine Ridge clinic, which will serve as a dedicated training site for WU DNP students.