Office of Sponsored Projects

Policies and Procedures

The management of sponsored projects (grants) can sometimes be a daunting task, given the administrative oversight and compliance issues. To best support faculty and staff efforts in securing external funding, the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) has developed a Grant Procedures Manual  to serve as a Reference Manual/User’s Guide and to address the procedures associated with sponsored project funding, particularly, federal grant funding.

The procedures manual is designed to serve as documentation of Washburn’s internal processes and controls for managing sponsored projects. The manual provides guidance and insight to best practices in grant management and compliance regulations as well as to mitigate risks to the University.

All sponsored projects follow an award “life cycle” and the procedures manual details the processes, procedures and key aspects of each stage in the cycle. Stages in the Sponsored Projects Lifecycle are as follows:

Pre Award

This stage describes the search for funding opportunities and identifying institutional and Principle Investigator (PI) eligibility. All WU sponsored projects require a Principal Investigator (PI) who commits to project management and completion. To ensure PIs are familiar with expectations, the Office of Sponsored Projects requests that each first-time PI meet with OSP staff in advance of proposal development to review Washburn University’s and OSP’s procedures for grant proposal submission and award management.  The development of a complete proposal includes, but is not limited to, preparing a proposal according to Washburn University and sponsor requirements, obtaining necessary approvals, and transmitting the complete proposal to OSP for final review, Internal Approval, and submission. The OSP oversees the internal approval process; the PI should allow a minimum of 14 calendar days for the grant proposal application package to be routed through the approval process. Late submissions to OSP may delay submission to the sponsoring agency.

Award Initiation

The Vice President for Administration and Treasurer (VPAT) reviews award documentation and, if necessary, negotiate terms and conditions with sponsor as appropriate.  OSP will keep the PI apprised of the progress towards full execution of the award.

Post Award

Award management involves all aspects of the sponsored project, including:

  • project activities;
  •  monitoring programmatic activity and project process;
  •  monitoring expenditures (Finance Office); and
  •  ensuring fiscal compliance with the sponsoring agency (Finance Office).


The following processes occur during this final stage of the sponsored project:

  • confirmation of deliverables;
  •  subaward closeout (if applicable),
  • award cost reconciliation (Finance Office),
  • final invoicing (Finance Office), and
  • final award closeout

Export Controls for Non-WU Faculty and Guests, and Subrecipients

For more information on export controls and subrecipients, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Additional policies established by Washburn University for the acquisition of external grant funding at the institution: