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Legislative Internships


Legislative Internships:

Washburn University State and Local

COURSES: PO 307/PO 309/HN 202       WTE ELIGIBLE!
Some internships paid ($1000-$3000); legislative internships
include travel reimbursement (up to $600)


- No pre-requisites and all majors welcome
- Be matched with a State Senator or House Member for the legislative session, January-April
-Rather than meet for class at assigned time, you will work out your schedule with your legislator.

3 types of internships possible:

  1. PO 309/HN 202 – Kansas Legislative Experience:   Intern 12 days or 96 hours in legislature; Travel reimbursement up to $600
    Be matched or request a legislator
  2. PO 307 – Clyde Hill Leadership Intern
    Intern on regular schedule (15-20 hrs week) in offices of Republican or Democratic House or Senate Leadership
    Pay: $1000 to $3000 (depending on office)
  3. PO 307/HN 202 – Topeka Mayor’s Office     Intern on regular schedule (15-20 hrs week) in office of Topeka Mayor
    Pay: $1500-$2000 depending on hours

Questions? Frequently Asked Questions about the internships.

APPLYING:  Select .DOC printable application

Send completed application to Dr. Bob Beatty at bob.beatty@washburn.edu OR pick up application forms in Political Science office (Henderson 215) or call 670-1737 for more info.
DEADLINE:  Applications due back to Dr. Beatty or Political Science office by the second Friday in October.


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