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Kansas Senator Bob Dole Videos & TV Ads


  "Senator Bob Dole Statue Dedication Ceremony" at Washburn University, 9/29/2018

Dole for President 1996:
Dole for President 1996 primary campaign, TV ad: “Anti-Lamar Alexander”
Dole for President 1996 general election campaign, TV ad: “15% tax cut”
  3.  1996 Anti-Dole ad by DNC, summer of 2015: “Dole-Gingrich”
GOP Convention: 1996 Bob Dole for President:: “A Day on the Campaign Trail”

Dole for President 1988:
Dole for President 1988 TV ad: “Spending Freeze”
Dole for President 1988 TV ad: “Dole Bush Difference”
  3.  Dole for President 1988 TV ad: “One of us, New Hampshire”
  4.  Dole for President: “1988 TV ad”

Dole for President 1980:
  1980 Republican primary debate: “Clip of Bob Dole” 

Dole for Vice-President 1976:
  Video, Dole with President Ford after being chosen as Ford’s running mate: “Dole & Ford Visit Russell, KS” 


  1. 1997 Bob Dole: "Bob, Visa Commercial," aired after Dole lost election

  2. 1998 Bob Dole: "Viagra commerical"

  3. 2000 Bob Dole commerical: "Dairy Farmers of America"

  4. 2001 "Bob Dole, Pepsi ad," aired during Super Bowl, January 28, 2001

  5. 2001 "Bob Dole & Britney Spears,:Pepsi TV Ad," aired during Academy Awards, March 25, 2001



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