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The Kansas Governor Documentary

Kansas Governor Documentary

"The Kansas Governor" is a one hour documentary focusing on the chief executive of the state and the challenges, duties, and surprises that go along with the job, along with the human element that shapes why and how candidates run for the office. The documentary is based on extensive interviews with former Kansas governors John Anderson, William Avery, John Carlin, Mike Hayden, and Kathleen Sebelius, and also spotlights former governors Robert Docking, Robert Bennett, and Joan Finney. It was written and produced by Dr. Bob Beatty and directed by Lyall Ford, both of Washburn University.

The Kansas Governor DVD


The Kansas Governor documentary

1988: Kansas Governor Alf Landon
"My Talk with Papa," a documentaryView on youTube

1986: Dr. John Brinkley of Kansas
"Goat Gland Doctor," a documentary
View on youTube

Documentary "The Kansas Governor"
Produced by Bob Beatty View on youTube

Robert Docking
1974: “Kansas Governor Robert Docking”

"Goat Gland Doctor," a documentary View on youTube
—This documentary was restored by Joshua Jackson from video fragments and a script found in a box.









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