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Kansas Political Experts


The following is a list of experts on Kansas Politics and Government who
may be contacted by members of the media, researchers, and scholars:

Dr. Mark Peterson
Dr. Mark Peterson

Professor of Political Science, Washburn University
Office: 785-670-2029
email: mark.peterson@washburn.edu
Areas of expertise: Kansas politics and elections, budgeting and public policy, city and local politics, legislative politics
Dr. Burdett Loomis Dr. Burdett Loomis
Professor of Political Science, Unviversity of Kansas
Office: 785-864-9033
Cell: 785-766-2764
email: bloomis@ku.edu
A reas of expertise: Kansas legislature, Kansas governor, Kansas political and electoral history, media and politics, congress, the
presidency, political parties
Dr. Bob Beatty Dr. Bob Beatty
Professor of Political Science, Washburn University
Office: 785-670-1736
email: bob.beatty@washburn.edu
Areas of expertise: The Kansas Governor, Kansas politics and elections, Kansas political advertising, Kansas political debates *Dr. Beatty is the political analyst for Kansas First News (KSNT-TV and KTKA-TV in Topeka).
Dr. Steven Cann Dr. Steven Cann
Professor of Political Science, Washburn University
Office: 785-670-2027
email: steve.cann@washburn.edu
Areas of expertise: Kansas court system, Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties, Administrative Law, Polling
Dr. Michael Smith Dr. Michael Smith
Associate Professor of Political Science, Emporia State University
Office: 620-341-5566
Cell: 816-509-4535
email: msmith3@emporia.edu
Areas of expertise: Campaigns and elections, state legislatures, state and local government, campaign management, grassroots politics, interest groups

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