Facilities Services

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Facilities Services

Facilities Services Staff

Main Office

Tel: 785-670-1149

Locks & Keys

Shelby Peek
Key Coordinator
Tel: 785-670-1549
Email: shelby.peek@washburn.edu

Accounts Payable

Wanda Leppla
Tel: 785-670-1148
Email: wanda.leppla@washburn.edu

Accounts Receivable

Jill Monie
Tel: 785-670-1548
Email: jill.monie@washburn.edu

Custodial & Grounds

Shirley McClendon
Assistant Chief, Custodial Services
Tel: 785-670-1554
Email: shirley.mcclendon@washburn.edu
Mike Jauken
Chief, Grounds Keeping Services
Tel: 785-670-2056
Eric Moss
Associate Director
Tel: 785-670-1880
Email: eric.moss@washburn.edu


Rosanna Carvalho
Project Architect
Tel: 785-670-1848
Email: rosanna.carvalho@washburn.edu


Rich Connell
Tel: 785-670-1860
Email: rich.connell@washburn.edu
Edward R. Wiss
Assistant Director for Maintenance
Tel: 785-670-1546
Email: edward.wiss@washburn.edu