Become a Biology Teacher with Washburn

Pass on your love for science by earning a degree to teach students in grades 6-12. In addition to taking courses in the biology department, you'll take courses through the education department and student teach for a semester. When you graduate, you'll be ready to take the Kansas teaching licensure exam.

To satisfy Kansas State Department of Education requirements for teaching certification in Biology (grades 6-12), the state-approved program of the biology department at Washburn University requires that candidates fulfill the following requirements:

  • University and general education requirements
  • 38 credit hours in biology
    • 20 credit hours of biology core requirements, plus
    • 18 credit hours of supporting biology courses, plus
  • Required 30-hour natural science concentration: 20 credit hours in one discipline

(Beginning with Catalog Year 2014)

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

A. Biology, Secondary Education Specialization (BiED) Core Courses:

BI 102

General Cellular Biology


BI 103

General Organismal Biology


BI 301

General Microbiology


BI 333

General Genetics


BI 390

Biology Seminar


BI 395

Biology Research


Total Core BI Hours for BiEd Majors


B. Required Supporting Courses for BiED Majors:

Students must complete the following courses to satisfy Kansas teaching standards. Indicated courses may be substituted by course listed under Course Substitutions.

BI 155

Sexually Transmitted Diseases*


BI 202

Biology of Behavior


BI 250

Introduction to Human Anatomy**


BI 255

Human Physiology †


BI 310

Ecology ‡


BI 340

Evolutionary Biology


Total Supporting BI Hours


Course Substitutions

BI 275

Human Anatomy** (substitute for BI 250)


BI 325

Microbiology of Human Disease* (substitute for BI 155)*


BI 300

Field Biology ‡ (substitute for BI 310)


BI 330

Animal Physiology † (substitute for BI 255)


Total BI Hours for BiEd Majors 38

C. Required Chemistry, Math and Physics Courses for BiEd Majors:

CH 151/152

Fundamentals of Chemistry (1 year with lab)


CH 340/342

Organic Chemistry I (with lab)


MA 140
  or MA 151

  or Calculus & Analytical Geometry I

  or 5

PS 261-262
  or PS 281/282

College Physics (1 year with lab)
  or General Physics (1 year with lab)


D. Courses that may be used to fulfill the 30-hour NS Concentration (CH emphasis)

CH 341/343

Organic Chemistry II (with lab)



5 cr hr of upper division CH

Total CH, MA, PS Hours 33-35

F. Professional Education Requirements (See BiEd advisor)


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