As a Washburn student, your classes will be taught in either the College of Arts and Sciences or the Schools of Applied Studies, Business, Law or Nursing.

Since Washburn’s earliest days, our primary goal has been to prepare students for the world with a quality education. Whether your major is in the College or one of our four Schools, be assured the faculty members teaching your courses are experienced, current in the field and focused on your success.

All undergraduate students will take courses in several areas. Feel free to explore a variety of academic disciplines when choosing your general education classes. You may discover your passion in an as yet unknown field. (Undergraduate students cannot take courses from the Washburn School of Law.)

In some cases, you will be admitted to an academic program only after meeting specific requirements after your first two years of study. Work with your adviser to ensure you will qualify for admission to your program of choice.

Enjoy your Washburn experience in the College or School that fits you best.

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