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The critical thinking and research skills acquired in the literature emphasis will prepare you for a wide variety of personal and professional goals, ranging from attending graduate school to teaching literature and language in the classroom or any other disciplines which emphasize a strong background in critical reading, research, and writing. 

The English department offers a variety of period courses from the medieval to the contemporary, including authors from Great Britain, America, and other world cultures. These courses are taught by literature faculty who maintain an active research agenda in their areas of expertise. Literature emphasis students are also able to specialize more closely when they take a course on a major author, study a more focused topic in the senior capstone, and/or work on an independent study with a chosen faculty member. Class sizes remain small as students and faculty work together to understand the multiple perspectives and critical approaches of a particular language, literature, and culture. 

Academic development outside the classroom is possible through several opportunities. You can develop your reading and writing skills through the annual Bunge reading and through yearly prizes for academic writing in British, American, and world literature. You will also have the opportunity to travel to conferences and other public forums to present work and learn from other literary students and experts.

Please see the program requirements for a list of the courses required for this emphasis.

If you study literature, you’ll develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills, becoming adept at arguing a point, framing a narrative and analyzing various levels of meaning. These skills are useful for a variety of future careers and further education.

Many English majors pursue careers in media, journalism, publishing, advertisting, and public relations. These are all careers that rely heavily on communication skills. Some choose to get an advanced degree in literature and teach at a university. 

A bachelor's degree in English will prepare you for graduate school by providing you a solid foundation of advanced analytical reading and critical thinking skills. Some of the more common studies pursued by English majors include law school, graduate studies in humanities, sociology/anthropology, business and more.

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