Why get a master's degree in psychology from Washburn?

The graduate program at Washburn University is undoubtedly one of the best clinical psychology programs. Here's what makes us so great:

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  1. You will begin interacting with clients in our clinic during their 2nd semester of training.
  2. You will receive training in empirically supported treatments, which is highly valued by employers.
  3. You will have a large number of internship sites to choose from for your off-campus clinical training. We guarantee you an internship.
  4. You are immediately eligible for licensure in Kansas as a Temporary Licensed Master’s Level Psychologist (TLMLP) upon graduation.
  5. Our graduates work at many mental health facilities throughout Kansas. These sites often prefer to hire Washburn graduates because they are familiar with the excellent training that they receive.
  6. You will receive clinical supervision from the same faculty who teach their courses in our training clinic (Washburn University Psychological Services Clinic). This creates a seamless connection between what is learned in coursework and expectations in clinical training experiences.
  7. Students who choose to go on to a doctoral program report that Washburn's master's program did an excellent job preparing them for their doctoral work.
  8. Our program is currently ranked as #33 in the BestMastersInPsychology.com’s list of the most affordable small colleges for a master’s in psychology. Read more here.

Completion of a minimum of 60 hours, including:

  • Core courses
  • Clinical courses
  • Practicum Experiences
  • Supervised Internship
  • Thesis OR Empirically Supported Case Study

Professional Ethics

Because the graduate psychology program involves preparing people to work with the public, the Psychology Department assumes the responsibility for reasonably ensuring that individuals who complete the program are not only academically competent but are aware of and capable of functioning within the established ethical standards of the profession. To graduate with an M.A. in Psychology, the student must adhere to the ethical principles of the psychology profession. Their ethical standards are presented in the following documents:

Ethical Standards of Psychologists Published by the American Psychological Association

Q 1. Is your program accredited by the American Psychological Association?
A 1. The American Psychological Association does not accredit masters level programs, only Ph.D. programs.

Q 2. Does your program meet state licensing requirements?
A 2. Graduates of our masters program are eligible for licensure in the state of Kansas as Licensed Masters Level Psychologists. More detailed information is available at the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board web site, www.ksbsrb.org.

Q 3. What about licensing requirements in other states?
A 3. States vary in the requirements for licensure, particularly at the master’s level. It is very important that you research the requirements for licensure within the state that you want to practice in to determine whether your program of study fits those requirements.  Graduates of our master’s program have gone on to practice in states all over the country; however, they have often had to take several additional classes or do additional supervised clinical work to practice in a state other than Kansas.

Q 4. What's the theoretical orientation of your faculty?
A 4. We feel that students benefit from being exposed to a variety of approaches to maximize their effectiveness with different client populations. Our psychotherapy techniques courses focus on the development of cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, brief, and client-centered psychotherapy skills. Students are exposed to a variety of other approaches (e.g., family systems, group) through other coursework and internship.

Q 5. I've heard that you can't do psychotherapy unless you have a Ph.D.
A 5. Not true. Masters Level Psychologists provide much of the psychological services in the United States. Although regulations may vary from state to state, most states recognize the professional contributions of masters level psychologists.

Q 6. Can I do private practice with just a master's degree?
A 6. Again the regulations for licensure vary from state to state. In Kansas, individuals with a masters degree in psychology, like the one offered by Washburn, after passing an exam and obtaining additional supervised experience, are eligible to become Licensed Clinical Psychotherapists (LCP's). LCP's in Kansas can do private practice. For more detailed information, see the web site of the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board, the state agency that licenses psychologists at www.ksbsrb.org.

Q 7. I still really want to get my Ph.D. Will it hurt my chances of getting into a Ph.D. program if I do a master's program first?
A 7. Although this varies from Ph.D program to Ph.D. program, our experience has been that students who complete our program are better prepared and more competitive for Ph.D. programs after completing our program. Students develop not only solid clinical skills but also the research skills that are necessary for completion of a Ph.D. degree.

A full-time student will finish the program in three years by following the schedule below:

1st Year Fall – Three Year Plan


PY 635 Ethics of Psychological Practice


PY 720 Seminar in Psychology


PY 615 Counseling Skills & Interviewing Practicum


PY 625 Advanced Psychopathology


PY 690 Group therapy: Theory and Application



10.5 hours

1st Year Spring

PY 637 Diversity Issues in Assessment and Treatment


PY 640 Introduction to Psychotherapy Techniques


PY 641 Psychotherapy Practicum I


PY 632 Psychological Assessment of Adults


PY 631 Adult Assessment Practicum



11 hours

2nd Year Fall

PY 670 Individual Adult Psychotherapy


PY 671 Psychotherapy Practicum II


PY 633 Psychological Assessment of Children


PY 634 Child Assessment Practicum


PY 611 Grad Research Design



11 hours

2nd Year Spring

PY 612 Scientific Writing


PY 610 Intermediate Statistics


PY 700 Child, Marital and Family Therapy


PY 701 Child, Marital and Family Therapy Practicum


PY 691 Group Therapy Practicum



9.5 hours

3rd Year Fall

PY 602 Advanced Physiological Psychology


PY 799 Thesis


PY 780 Internship



9 hours

3rd Year Spring

PY 603 Advanced Health Psychology


PY 699 Thesis


PY 780 Internship



9 hours

Graduates of Washburn University’s Master’s Program in Psychology with an emphasis in clinical skills are eligible to take the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) in order to become a licensed master’s level psychologist (LMLP) in Kansas.  Some of our graduates go on to a doctoral program, and some of our graduates find jobs in other states; therefore, not all of our gradates take the EPPP in Kansas.  The information below is for our MA graduates who took the EPPP in the state of Kansas during the last 5 years. We note the percentage of graduates who passed the test.

Year Number of graduates taking exam Number of graduates passing exam Percent Passing
2010 4 2 50%
2011 5 4 80%
2012 8 8 100%
2013 6 5 83.33%
2014 7 7 100%
2015 4 4 100%

Application & Admission

In order to be admitted to the graduate program, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a minimum of 21 hours of undergraduate psychology courses including:

  • An introductory psychology course (or passing CLEP exam score)
  • A statistics course
  • A research methods or experimental laboratory course
  • A course in abnormal psychology
  • Three upper division psychology courses.

Students lacking required courses may be admitted on a provisional basis with the understanding that they complete any deficiencies before being fully admitted into the program. Full admission is then contingent upon fulfilling remaining requirements during the first semester of study at Washburn.

The application and all supporting materials should be received by the Psychology Department no later than March 15 to ensure full consideration for Fall semester admission.

To apply to the Master of Arts program in Psychology, complete our online application

Deadline for all application materials: March 15.
Late admission requests will be considered on a space-available basis.

Application work and fee: You may start the application, save your work, and return to complete the application later.  The $40 application fee is paid at the time of submission of the completed application.

As you complete the application, you will be asked to provide the email address for three people who will be providing letters of recommendation for you.  After you have submitted your completed application, the system will generate an email to each of your letter writers.  That email will direct them to a link where they will upload their letters.  These letters need to be uploaded by March 15; therefore, we recommend submitting your completed application at least 2-3 weeks prior to this deadline.

Transcripts: The application will give you the opportunity to upload unofficial transcripts, which is recommended but not required. Official transcripts should be sent by your university to etranscripts@washburn.edu or mailed to the Washburn University Registrar, 1700 SW College Ave., Topeka, KS 66621.

Official transcripts of all college work should be on file with the Office of Admissions before you enroll in your first graduate class. It is your responsibility to have transcripts transferred. The University may drop any student whose transcripts are not on file six weeks after initial enrollment.

GRE Scores: We are temporarily suspending the GRE requirement for 2021-22 graduate applications. Please enter ZEROS into that section of the application.

Q 1. When is your application deadline?
A 1. March 15 for the fall semester; December 1 for the spring semester.

Q 2. I graduate in December. Can I start the program in January?
A 2. Yes. Although you won't be able to complete the program in two years (it would be a minimum of 2 ½ years), there are several courses that you could take that would get you well on your way towards your M.A.

Q 3. Do I need the GRE? How do I get signed up to take it?
A 3. We are temporarily suspending the GRE requirement for 2021-22 graduate applications.

Q 4. Do you have an application fee?
A 4. Yes. We have a non-refundable $40 application fee.

Q 5. I didn't do very well on the GRE. Does your program have cut-offs?
A 5. No. We consider all aspects of the application in making our admissions decisions. Undergraduate grades, letters of recommendation from faculty, research and volunteer/work experience as well as GRE scores all enter into our decision.

Q 6. What do you require for the application?
A 6. Please see our Applications and Admissions page

Q 7. How do I get an application form?
A 7. Please see our Applications and Admissions page

Q 8. I wasn't a psych major in college; can I still be considered for the program?
A 8. Yes. You must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, and a minimum of 15 hours of undergraduate psychology including a statistics course, an experimental laboratory course, and a course in abnormal psychology, each with a minimum grade of "C".

Q 9. I haven't had one of the psychology courses you require. Can I still be admitted?
A 9. Outstanding candidates who are missing a requirement are sometimes granted provisional admission to the program. Full admission is then contingent upon fulfilling remaining requirements during the first semester of study at Washburn.

Q 10. Do you require a campus interview?
A 10. Although we are delighted to meet with you should you want to visit our campus and meet with faculty members or students, a campus interview is not required. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a campus visit.

Students not currently meeting criteria for full admission are encouraged to seek special student status. The department accepts students as part-time, non-degree seeking candidates, or students presently enrolled in other graduate programs who need graduate courses in Psychology. Several graduate courses are available to social workers, nurses, teachers and members of other professional groups eligible for continuing education credit. Students may enroll for a total of only six credit hours as special students.

Students who wish to enroll with special student status need to complete the Special Student Application Form and send it to Theresa Young at theresa.young@washburn.edu.

BA to MA Admission Criteria*

Students who have

a.  Attained the “Standards of Achievement” described below, and 

b.  Completed their Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Washburn University

will be granted

c.  Admission into Washburn’s Psychology Masters Program, and

d.  Exclusion from the competitive admissions process

Students who do not fulfill the Standards of Achievement are strongly encouraged to apply via the processed outlined in the subsequent section ("Application Process").

BA-MA graduate school admission application

Please notify the department upon completion of the application at psychology@washburn.edu. You may enter zeroes for the GRE scores on the application because GRE scores are not required for this application.

Standards of Achievement

1.  Prerequisite course grade requirements

    No more than one C can be earned in any of the following courses

     (At least two of these courses must be completed at Washburn)

   PY 151 Psychological Statistics

   PY 251 Research Methods, and

   PY231 Abnormal Psychology. 

2.  GPA requirements

    Overall GPA of 3.2 or higher. and

    GPA in last 60 hours of 3.5 or higher, and

    GPA across all Psychology courses of 3.5 or higher.

3.  Research requirements

   Completion and presentation of a research project as part of the PY Major Capstone

   as demonstrated through the completion of  PY390 Directed Research.  

4.  Faculty Recommendation requirements

   Unambiguous approval of at least three full-time Washburn Psychology faculty

   Members evidenced by a rating on item #9 of the Masters of Arts in Psychology “Recommendation Form”  of  “recommended” or “highly recommended”.

5.  GRE

             GRE scores are not required of “in house” applicants.

Timelines for consideration for admission:

  1. Paperwork will be due from the student on January 15.
  2. The department will inform students of their acceptance by February 1.
  3. Students will be required to accept or decline the offer by March 15.

* Student are eligible to take advantage of this program for 5 years from the date of graduation

International students who will be attending Washburn on an F-1 or J-1 visa will also work with the Office of International Programs regarding the admissions process and visa documentation process.  Please click here for more information.

Minimum iBT TOEFL scores required for admission to the MA in Psychology program are as follows:  

Overall score of at least 100, with a Speaking score of at least 26, and at least 22 in each of the three other subtests.

Minimum IELTS scores required for admission to the MA in Psychology program are as follows:

Overall score of at least 7, with a Speaking score of at least 8 and at least 6.5 in each of the other three subtests.

With a Bachelor's degree from a U.S. university, international students do not need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. International students must also complete the full MA in Psychology application process (see “Application Process” above).

Please contact the Office of International Programs with any questions about the university application process by sending an e-mail to international@washburn.edu

GET IN TOUCH WITH Department of Psychology

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