The B.A. in Art is considered a basic liberal arts degree, easily combined with other degree programs in the college for the purpose of obtaining a double major. It is a degree consisting of 40 credit hours in Art plus the general education requirements of the college.

Foundation Courses - 22 hours:
AR 101 - Survey of Art History I (3) 
AR 102 - Survey of Art History II (3) 
AR 120 - Design I: 2-D (3) 
AR 121 - Design II: 3-D (3) 
AR 131 - Basic Digital Art Media (3) 
AR 140 - Drawing I (3) 
AR 3xx - Upper Division Art History Elective (3)

AR 402 - Art Forum (1)

Elective Art Studio Courses - 18 hours

Must include at least 12 hours of upper division studio courses. Senior 
BA majors must present a portfolio for faculty review. NOTE: Not all art 
courses are offered every semester.

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