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U.S. and International Politics

The British Political System, Part 1: The Political Parties [58:52]

The British Political System, Part 2:: The Parliament [57:56]

North Korea Documentary on The Korean War [13:50]

Captain Kirk Recites Presemble to Constitution [31:53]

U.S. Politics Videos:

2015 and 2016:
          Marco Rubio | Carly Fiorina | Ben Carson | John Kasich | Martin O'Malley

2011: Ron Paul Presidential Campaigning in Iowa [40:27]
           Tim Pawlenty Campaigning for President in Iowa [41:23]
           Newt Gingrich Presidential Campaigning in Iowa [40:06]

2008:  KSNT TV Topeka 2008 Iowa Caucus results, Bob Beatty [4:50]

2007:  Iowa Caucus Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee [4:50]

2004:  Obama vs. Keyes Illinois Senate race debate [1:00:02]
          Iowa Caucus Presidential Campaign TV Ads, Democrats

2003: Iowa Harkin Steak Fry Presidential Candidate Speeches
          Howard Dean for President Town Hall in Iowa

2002:  "Insight Politics" interview with ex-Governor Douglas Wilder of VA

2001:  "Insight Politics" program on 911 Attacks

1996:  Tribute to Ronald Reagan at GOP Convention

1992:  Bill Clinton "A Place Called Hope" documentary campaign video

1983: Ronald Reagan explains deterrence to High School Students and Bob Beatty

1980:  GOP Convention: Goofballs on live TV
    GOP Convention: Ford-Bush VP Drama

1952-2000: Various Presidental Campaign TV ads [28;21]

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