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As a mass media major, you will be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities to gain hands-on experience. If you want to be added to our mailing list, please send us an email at: with your information.

WIFI Film Festival

The WIFI Film Festival was created in 2019 and is run by students and faculty from the Mass Media Department. The 2022 festival featured over 70 local and international films, three filmmaker panels and seven educational workshops. To watch the workshops from last year and learn more, go to WIFI Film Festival.

On-Campus Computer Labs

Most mass media courses are highly involved with learning skills in technology as well as producing work for real-world clients. This means our students must have access to the latest technology used in the industry.

Mass media majors have access to a computer lab equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite where they learn to use InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere and many other Adobe programs in their studies.

Mass media majors also gain much needed experience in film and TV broadcasting by using Instructional Media’s television studio, WUCT-CH 13 cable channel, and public TV station, KTWU.

Students in advanced filmmaking courses use the film and sound editing lab and work with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools and DaVinci Resolve 14. These programs are industry standard for professional picture and sound editors in every segment of movie making, television, broadcast and streaming media. This space provides a 5.1 screening room and has industry standard Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software for aspiring producers and assistant directors.

Student Media  

Student Media serves as a First Amendment protector and gives students from across campus a place for their voices to be heard. Students working for Student Media create the Washburn Review, a weekly newspaper that prints 13 issues each fall and spring semester, the Kaw Yearbook, Bod Magazine and In addition, Student Media manages the advertising and promotion of the various projects and the organization itself. Both the Review and Kaw have received state and national awards.

All Student Media projects are dedicated to informing and providing a voice for the Washburn University community. The learning-centered environment allows students within all majors to develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Interested students can apply throughout the year at

Washburn Filmmakers Association  

The Washburn Filmmakers Association is designed to allow students to collaborate in production teams to create both original short screenplays and/or films not associated with class assignments and to explore methods of exhibition or screening, including online distribution. Production activity may also be associated with community organizations and others on campus who may request film or video projects. Learn more by checking out our Facebook group: 

Bods in PR  

Bods in PR is a student organization created for those in the public relations concentration of mass media, though any student on campus can join and participate in the organization. Students in this organization delve further into the career of public relations than what the traditional mass media class allows by working with clients (internal and external to Washburn University) to gain experiences relevant to a competitive resume. These experiences include opportunities like event planning, creating promotional campaigns, digital marketing and many other types of projects requested by our clients. For more information about joining Bods in PR, please send an email to the faculty adviser, Kristen Grimmer, at

Washburn University Advertising Group (WU.Ad)

The Washburn University Advertising Group unites students of all majors who possess an interest in advertising, integrated marketing communications or any other creative business fields. As a department-sponsored organization, we aim to guide, educate, promote and assist our members in becoming leaders in the advertising profession. We specifically strive to enhance advertising education, recruit students to the profession and the academic concentration and enrich the relationships fostered with our alumni and community. In partnership with the American Advertising Federation's local chapter, Topeka Ad Fed, this is accomplished by providing the following to our members: networking opportunities, industry knowledge, internship opportunities, skill enhancements, social engagement and learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. As a member of the Washburn University Advertising Group, students become a voice in the Washburn University (and greater Topeka) communities through strategy, communication and art. For more information about joining WU.Ad, please send an email to the faculty advisor, Andrew Anglin, at

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